THE ART OF WRITING (It’s in you)

Writing is a creative art, however this is something which most of us just don’t realize. When you try to force it, rather than let it come naturally, it becomes so boring and difficult. It’s just like beating a dead horse – what do you expect? That the horse is gonna miraculously come to life? It won’t! Writing entails the ability of the writer to connect with the innermost thoughts. Connecting with the innermost thoughts may prove elusive in some occasions, but if one can it makes this art easier. For most people connecting may involve certain requirements, for some individuals, this connection lies in music, for some it might be birds, or animals; the ocean, trees, the sun……the list goes on. Find your connecting and you’re gonna hit the sheets as hard as the waters do the ocean shores when driven by the wind. 
Sometimes we get bothered about our words, we wanna sound like some famous writer or someone we consider a role model. It’s not bad to have a role model or be mentored, carving a niche for yourself as a writer wouldn’t be a bad idea. We needn’t compromise our standards and get on the bandwagon of stereotyping. Originality is the beauty of creative arts and in writing just like every other art form we cannot afford to brush aside the context of originality.

The art of writing is learnt by some for several reasons, by some others it is a gift………irrespective of the category one fits in, the key to making the best out of writing is to nurture it.

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